RPN Membership

In the tough economic climate facing today's collision shop owners with changes around every corner such as, consolidation, DRP's, vehicle technologies, new materials and reducing margins. Business owners are rapidly coming to realize that the new market will require a new a radical change to their business, at least the ones able to have a vision for the future. RPN offers a compelling solution to those conditions, including membership to one of the most advanced collision networks within North America.

It must be made clear that RPN does not accept all applicants. There is a strict assessment criteria. Firstly the applicant is required to submit a comprehensive assessment form. From there the applicant has to undergo a two-day on-site assessment of suitability. If successful, the applicant can then go onto our full program implementation taking around 10 man-days from our implementation specialists.

After completion the list below highlights just some following benefits and support:

  • Substantial increases in profitability
  • Increases in labor productivity
  • Increases in labor utilization
  • Increased work flow
  • A happier work force
  • Becoming part of a growing network
  • Continuous support from the territory manager

If you would like to know more about membership of RPN please call us at: